What can our dental practice offer you

Each dental practice is unique when it comes to the service they offer patients. If you are looking for a dentist in Victoria, take a look at the experience you can expect at Hermes London Dental Clinic.

We care about your oral health and want to help you ensure that your teeth and gums last you a long time. Alongside excellent advice and routine dentistry, we also have a range of cosmetic services you can consider.

Dentist in VictoriaAdapting to your needs

Each patient who comes to visit us is given personalised care. We want to get to know your teeth and your preferences so that we can meet your needs when you choose Hermes London Dental Clinic as your dentist in Victoria. If you have any particular concerns or special circumstances that you would like taken into account, please let us know.

We are happy to adapt our processes if you are a particularly nervous when visiting the dentist. In Victoria, at our clinic, we have a friendly and professional staff who are used to dealing with a whole spectrum of needs. Maybe you just need a bit of extra support during your appointments, a friend to come with you or perhaps some dark glasses to make sitting in the chair less uncomfortable. Alternatively, for more serious cases or procedures, you might be able to take advantage of extra sedation.

Taking it to the next level

Once your teeth are healthy and secure, you can consider the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry. Smile with confidence again with teeth whitening. Close the gap in your teeth that has always bothered you with teeth straightening or veneers. There are many possibilities to consider and it all starts with a consultation at our practice, Hermes London Dental Clinic.

Added extras

Did you know you can now get facial aesthetics procedures at the dentist? These are designed to smooth out the fine lines in your skin and rejuvenate your face. You already know that your dentist’s office is clean, safe and hygienic so what better place to have treatments like Botox and dermal fillers that both require you to have injections? We can create your whole facial look with cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics.