How Do Lingual Braces Work?

How Do Lingual Braces Work?

Lingual braces can provide a wide range of benefits to both functional and aesthetic aspects of oral healthcare. These professionals are expertly trained to ensure proper alignment and straightening of your teeth, regardless of your unique situation. This specialist doctor possesses the necessary knowledge and skills beyond the standard dental school curriculum, meaning they can diagnose, prevent and treat all types of facial and dental irregularities.

If you are on this page, then it is highly likely that you have been offered, are considering, or are currently going through lingual braces treatment. This type of treatment is one of the many treatments on offer by orthodontists which may be authorised as means of straightening your teeth.

Misaligned teeth, gaps or overcrowded teeth are some of the most frequent issues which result in braces being provided for patients. But how do lingual braces work? And how do they differ from other types of braces as an orthodontist procedure? These questions will be explained in full by our oral care professionals in the following blog.

What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces and conventional braces hold a lot of similarities in terms of why they are authorised and the benefits they can have on misaligned and crooked teeth. The major difference between conventional braces and lingual braces are that the latter are completely invisible.

The only person who is going to be aware of lingual braces is the individual patient them self. These invisible braces are the perfect solution for adults who do not want other people to be aware of their braces, as they will be completely hidden from view. Despite their clear long term benefits, some patients consider traditional braces to be too unsightly in the short term. This may be because they work in a job where their image is particularly important, or they are worried about feeling self-conscious due to this temporary change in their appearance. Lingual hidden braces ensure that your self-image isn’t compromised for teeth alignment.

Because this type of treatment offers a near-identical mechanism to conventional braces, they are just as effective at moving and aligning teeth into the correct position. This procedure is far more effective than aligners for complex movements like altering the heights of teeth, closing gaps, problems with over / under-bites and correcting rotations. Another benefit of this orthodontic procedure is that a predictable outcome and predictable timeline can be produced by working with an experienced lingual braces London orthodontist.

How Do Lingual Braces Work?

Lingual braces work exactly the same as conventional ceramic braces, except they are placed on the tongue side of the teeth, meaning they are completely invisible. The patient will be able to feel the brace on their tongue if they rub their teeth. However, this unusual sensation will quickly subside once they get used to them. Once you have gotten through the initial adjustment period, the benefits of lingual braces on your oral health will become obvious.

Just like traditional braces, lingual braces are comprised of arch wires and very small metal brackets. They apply a continuous pressure that gently and gradually straightens teeth, helping to fix gaps, overcrowding, rotated teeth or problems with bite. After treatment, teeth will look properly set and aligned and will continue to grow more naturally (in children).

Hermes London lingual braces are fitted to the shape of your teeth from the back to guarantee subtle yet effective teeth allignment. Despite their “invisible” appearance, lingual braces produce just as effective results as traditional fixed braces to correct misaligned teeth and straighten your smile. 

What are the Benefits of Lingual Braces?

Research shows that the number of UK adults seeking braces is continuously rising year on year. Why? The dentistry and oral healthcare industry is constantly growing, with better trained professionals and more advanced technologies meaning that more and more Brits are seeking the benefits of the best orthodontists providing London lingual braces.

Straightening misaligned teeth is the most obvious benefit of undertaking lingual braces treatment. However, there is a number of wider health benefits that can be obtained through utilising the services of an expert London lingual braces orthodontist such as Hermes, including: 

  • Improving your oral health: Straightening misaligned teeth will contribute to overall oral hygiene and help prevent against gum disease and further teeth problems. Long-term, it is far easier to clean, brush and floss straight teeth. Prevention against future cavities is also vital as this can lead to the destruction of the bone that holds your teeth firmly in place.
  • Preventing jawbone damage: In severe cases, crooked or misaligned teeth can result in jawbone erosion and/or bone loss. This can occur if bacteria is allowed to eat away at the bones, however, aligning teeth with lingual braces will prevent such jawbone erosion.
  • Improving your speech: Chronic speech problems or other speech impediment issues (e.g. a lisp) can often occur through having teeth that are misaligned. Lingual braces will fix teeth misalignment and potentially help eradicate speech problems as a result.
  • Aiding food digestion: Misaligned and crooked teeth are not as functional as straight teeth. As a result, those who are experiencing this issue will not be as effective at chewing up their food and thus are more likely to run into problems in regards to their digestion. Completing treatment with lingual braces will aid in you being able to thoroughly chew your food and thus improve digestion.
  • Improving your confidence: Braces bring a wide variety of health benefits, however, they also can play a huge role in improving someone’s self-image and confidence. Patients frequently find that having more well-aligned, straight teeth will make them feel more comfortable when talking and grinning and will ultimately leave them more confident to show off their smile. By moving your teeth into the right position, braces can also improve your facial structure by making your jaw and lips more proportionate to the face.

Achieve A Straighter Smile with Hermes Dentists

Have an issue with you or your children’s teeth alignment? Live in the London area and need a check-up? Or simply fed up with your smile not being as bright as it once was? Well, if you’re looking for impeccable orthodontists or generally dentistry service for a price which is worth paying for, then look no further.

Hermes Dentists London are an award-winning dental clinic with experience and a proven track record with lingual braces. If you want more reasons to smile, then simply get in contact for orthodontic treatment today.

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