Fixed braces

Traditional fixed braces are a hugely successful and popular choice for our patients considering getting braces in Victoria. They are carefully bonded onto the teeth and stay in place for the course of treatment. Straightening wires run between the various attachments and are held in place with elastic bands. The wires are adjusted and the elastic bands changed every six to eight weeks by your dentist at Hermes London Dental Clinic.

Traditional fixed metal braces in Victoria cannot be removed by the patient. The length of treatment will vary between six months to a year, although more complex cases may take longer. Our commonly used fixed braces are made from stainless steel although we will also offer ceramic attachments as an alternative.

Braces in VictoriaHow do fixed braces work?

Fixed braces, by definition, cannot be removed by the patient. The simplest way to think of each bracket is as a handle with which it is possible to control each tooth individually and precisely.

In the early stages of your braces in Victoria treatment, a thin wire is fitted to link up all the brackets. Because the teeth are irregular, the wire must bend up and down or in and out between the teeth. Surprisingly, this wire was originally a bi-product of NASA research into spaceship technology and has perfect shape memory that will gradually return to its original shape, bringing the teeth with it.

As treatment progresses, stiffer wires are fitted and these act as a monorail for your teeth. At this time, tiny springs and elastics are also used to guide the teeth in the desired directions. You can even pick the colour of your elastics to add a personalised touch to your braces in Victoria.

Do they hurt?

Fitting traditional fixed braces should not hurt: they are simply glued to your teeth. No injections are required and you don’t need to go to sleep for your fixed braces in Victoria to be fitted.

For the first couple of days after your braces have been fitted and sometimes for a day or two each time they are adjusted, you may experience some discomfort and slight toothache. Your teeth may feel loose and quite tender, but this feeling will pass.