Emergency Dentist in London SW1

A dental pain or a broken tooth can occur at any time. The worst case scenario, which is unfortunately a common occurrence, is when this happens at the weekend, on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday. When this happens and your local dentist is not available, it is good to know help is at hand with the 24 hour Emergency Dental Service we provide at Hermes London Dental Clinic. Recently we had a dental emergency on a Sunday afternoon. A patient had broken one of their front crowns. They had a social event the same evening, which they would have had to have missed had the tooth not been fixed. We were able to provide assistance the same day, to open the clinic and fix the tooth, which allowed the patient to attend the social event with the confidence that their tooth would be stable.

When you have a dental pain, we know how traumatic this can be. It can affect your sleep as well not being able to eat. A dental infection can spread quite rapidly and can sometimes, if left, become life threatening. Being able to assess dental pain and infections in the early stages is much easier to treat and manage. We advise regular six monthly check ups with your dentist so that any underlying problems can be addressed before infection and dental pain occur. We do however understand, even when you keep on top your dental health, there can be occasions when teeth can break without any warning or infections can arise. Our Emergency line (07711 200 694) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy to provide new and existing patients free out of hours advice. If need be we are also happy to provide an outcall service to provide treatment and pain relief.