Ceramic Braces

Adult braces in Victoria – discover your teeth straightening options

In recent years, an increasing number of adults are choosing to straighten teeth, and one of the main reasons is that there are more treatment options available to them than ever before. If you’re an adult with crooked or misaligned teeth who does not wish to wear unsightly braces, now is a great time to seek teeth straightening treatment.

At Hermes London Dental Clinic in Victoria, braces for adults come in different types and forms. Whether you opt for lingual braces, clear braces or aligners, you will feel comfortable stepping out in public during all phases of treatment. Our experienced dentists will you determine what treatment best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Braces in VictoriaSmilelign clear aligners

Smilelign is an innovative treatment integrating the latest software and 3D technology to produce invisible teeth straightening aligners. The treatment consists of a series of transparent, custom-made removable aligners, which are worn for three-week intervals. Each aligner moves your teeth a little way. As you go through the succession of aligners, your teeth will eventually become straighter and your bite will be restored.

Smilelign aligners can be removed to eat, drink or brush and floss your teeth. However, you must commit wearing them at least 22 hours per day in order to ensure effective treatment. Smilelign clear aligners are a popular way to have a straight smile without altering your daily routine.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are custom-made, nickel braces, which are very similar to traditional braces, except they are fixed on the inside of the teeth. This way they are completely invisible. Since they function on the same premise as conventional braces, they are just as effective at moving and aligning even severely crooked teeth.This type of treatment is not only discreet but also predictable in terms of its expected outcome.

Ceramic braces

Finally, we can also offer tooth-coloured ceramic braces, which again work just like metal and lingual braces. Ceramic brackets may be slightly bigger but they blend in better with the natural appearance of your teeth for a discreet, almost invisible look. Ceramic braces are very versatile since they can carry out both complex and simple tooth movements.

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Adult discreet braces in Victoria

Do you feel like your smile has been a burden lately? Are you experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or irregular bites? Perhaps you have already considered teeth straightening, but are too self-conscious to wear braces. At Hermes London Dental Clinic, our treatments are suitable for both adults and children, and are clinically proven to produce reliable results. For adults, we use a variety of discreet braces suitable for every budget.

Having a straight, healthy and beautiful smile can greatly improve your appearance, self-confidence and your health. Obtaining that smile as efficiently and discreetly as possible is now easier than ever with adult braces in Victoria.

Braces in VictoriaOur services

At your first consultation, we will go through your options and determine which one is best for you. We commonly use Smilelign clear aligners, lingual braces, ceramic braces and Six Month Smiles for our adult patients. Our experienced dentists will guide you through each treatment and explain their strengths and weaknesses.

Smilelign clear aligners

This treatment consists of a series of transparent, custom-made, removable aligners, which are worn for 3-week intervals. Each aligner, gradually helps move your teeth into the right position over a period of time. The aligners can be removed to eat and brush your teeth. They are also smooth and comfortable to wear.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces work just like fixed metal braces, except they are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, opposite the tongue. Lingual braces work by applying gentle but continuous pressure on the teeth to guide them into position. This makes them just as effective at moving and aligning teeth as traditional metal braces.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces work exactly like metal braces, except they are made of tooth-coloured, translucent brackets and wires, which blend in with your teeth.

Six Month Smiles

The Six Month Smiles system is a cosmetic braces system specifically designed for your front teeth. Using clear brackets and wires, Six Month Smiles braces straighten your teeth in as little as 6 months without attracting attention to your treatment.

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Ceramic braces in Victoria: what you need to know

Think braces are only for children or teens? In recent years, an increasing number of adults have been seeking dental treatment for crooked and wrongly angled teeth. Teeth straightening can make a real difference to a person’s health – crooked teeth are harder to clean, and an incorrect bite may cause muscle pain, headaches or speech problems.

ceramic-braces-in-victoriaAt Hermes London Dental Clinic in London, we offer many types of braces to suit your lifestyle. We understand that you don’t want to deal with metal brackets and wires, therefore we use Clarity ceramic braces with translucent brackets, which work just like metal braces. Ceramic braces in Victoria are suitable for all ages, but they are not recommended for patients who require extensive treatment.

How do ceramic braces work?

For most people, a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of teeth straightening. But avoiding or improving long-term oral health problems is just as important. Ceramic braces are the same size and shape as traditional braces, except that they have tooth-coloured brackets and wires that blend with your natural teeth.

Ceramic braces work by applying constant pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in their right position. As your teeth move, your jawbone also changes shape because of the pressure. Once the ceramic braces are removed (typically within a year), you are left with straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.

Ceramic braces are ideal for teenagers and adults who do not wish to have metal braces due to cosmetic concerns. While they are less visible, they require good oral hygiene as ceramic braces are larger and more delicate than their metal counterparts. This is the reason why they are mostly used on the upper front teeth.

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At Hermes London Dental Clinic we can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for ceramic braces in Victoria. We want you to feel comfortable with the treatment and happy with the results for years to come.If you are thinking about getting ceramic braces in Victoria, give us a call today and let us help you make your smile great again.